Leisure time calls for trying different Mapping tools. I created the same Map location and California fire data with three different tools. These are the results.


QGIS has a sad interface but not too complicated to work with as a beginner to create a basic map. I need to get into more tutorials and its documentation to see what else is capable of doing and how to be applied in my real world.

This map has three layers, Mapbox basemap style, FIRMS-NASA USA Fire data, and a Shapefile to highlight the State of California with a tiny line of code.

I wish I was able to scale the data for accessibility purposes, and probably it is possible with one more line of code.

Google MyMaps

If you need a quick and free Interactive map with not much customization Google MyMaps is the right one for you.

I tried to customize the base map style but google search said to get into API stuff and tbh I didn’t feel like it…yet, plus that means I would have to get in the Google Maps platform billing and … Nah.

I like how easy is to upload the data and to embed it on a website. I don’t like that the styling is too restricted.

Mapbox Studio

Display a map

California fire 2019

Finally, Mapbox Studio. I like how intuitive the interface is and that there’s plenty of resources for beginners on the web.

I want to bring this map in GeoLayers to see how fun it can get. More on this later…