Inspiration Vol. 1

Michael Caine 1965

When I start putting all these images together I had to go through my  dropbox folder, and all of my favourite sites that I use to collect all the media that gets my attention like Ello, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and Youtube.

The best part of this was to see how my interests have changed, but my appreciation, respect and love for the Visual Arts have increased for sure.

These are a few of my favourite pieces from the Internet that have changed the way I look at a photo, a paint, a tv commercial, animated gif, etc… and make me wish I was the one creating them.

△. These are some images with great composition, color combination and balance.

Photography by Mauro Fermariello, Kim Hottermand, I am GK, Marcin Ryczek, Central Press.

△. Love how this video sets a mood with colour and lighting.


[vimeo 8293794 w=640 h=360]

Sunday morning poetry from St.Tesla on Vimeo.
Karen Hofstetter

△. Love the colour combination [my big challenge] in these illustrations.

Erin Jang




△. How cool these illustrations with mixed media are. I’ve been practicing my embrodery skills lately but I’m still far away from this quality. I just need more practice…


Illustration by Eliza Southwood, Claire Owen, Ryo Takemasa, Jose Romussi.

△Typography always looks so fun but also it looks like there’s a lot of work involved in creating them.


△. More fun gifs with great lighting.



△. Cheers.


△. This stop motion video was love at first sight, very creative!

[vimeo 9338549 w=640 h=480]

△.  This video besides being super creative, makes me feel like I should stand up from this desk and move.

[vimeo 31484170 w=853 h=480]

I LOOK & MOVE from Constantine Konovalov on Vimeo.

△. Love how the graphics and palette color create the perfect atmosphere for the music video.

△. This M.I.A. music video which she actually directed it’s from my personal point of view an ode to awesome composition frame by frame.
△. Animated gifs are my favourite thing of these year, you can find them everywhere in the web, they can be very artsy oriented or very silly. The last ones are my favourite to goof around social media.
△. The next photos and illustrations I found them in my old hard drive so I don’t have information to give the credit. I will do my research eventually. In the menatime enjoy them as much as I do.