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Medium format film is not dead, and I’m here to love it

Rolleiflex camera

When my DSLR got stolen, I felt like they took one of my arms with them. Leaving me with my iPhone and my collection of vintage film cameras that I wasn’t sure if they even work. I decided to go back to basics and first tried out the Canon AV-1, after developing Ultrafine Film 400 I found out the camera has a few mechanical issues …

Trial and error

    the night was busy making the moon so i gathered my quilt and softly told my heart we’d come back tomorrow. poem from salt by Nayyirah Waheed


Tulum beach

If you never been in Tulum, Mexico I strongly recommend to put it in your list asap and start filling the piggy bank before the big hotel franchises get there. The food, beaches, weather are the best, and the people is so friendly. I hope they don’t destroy this place too fast like they did to Cancun or other touristic places in Mexico.