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Grand Bahama surge 2019

Mapping Vol.1

Have a look to some of the work I have done for the News Network Graphic Department at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) This type of work has inspired me to explore more Interactive mapping options. Click the links below each map to have a…

grumpy cat

A few things from the past decade

Pardon the title drama but it is too easy and fun to use it for at least once. I made these videos at the beginning of the Summer 2019 and never got to share them, I’m not sure why but here they are. Please enjoy…

Occupational Therapy

It feels like the end, the trembling, the light-headedness, the panic.I know it all well too good by now. I tell myself it will pass, just feel it. Anxiety.


10/20 ODAAT Vol.2

The one about frustration. I had to move on from this animation for the good of my sanity ha-ha. It took me a couple of days of walking away from the desk and trying to come back with better ideas but to be honest I…