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Family Rules Poster

One more exercise of hierarchy but this time including two font family combination. For this project it was used PT serif and Century gothic. We had to use a “native” font and we were not allowed to do any type of transformation or effect on the type. Btw, I’m a hugger. △

Super Baseball Power

Super Baseball Power

The 3rd Sound project is here! We had a lot of fun and a lot of work with this one. I’m lucky enough to have a great team for my sound class. Enjoy! We all contributed in our way and ended up happy of our work. Credit: Artwork by Sergio Rebolledo. Sound effects from, theme music from Monsters ate my condo app [Thanks Carolina …

Visual Comparisons


Visual comparisons between Type and image. + The images do not belong to me, they are part of an extensive search on Google for this assignment and totally forgot to keep a note for the credit [sorry, my mistake.]