Oscars 2020 Nominees with Adobe Xd-component states.

Movie awards season is almost over, the Oscars are happening this weekend and through the week I was thinking of creating something related to it in Adobe Xd since it has been a while that I had put my hands on it and I am very curious about some of the new features in the new update.

Voila! Phase 1: a quick and dirty list of nominees for desktop. Next, I want to integrate imagery overlay and voice triggers, in the meantime a basic prototype is below to try out.

update: below there is a mobile version with a few glitches because I cannot figure out how to edit the area of the component without losing the layout.

I want to hover each movie title and show the movie poster, I could finish it with a lot of boards but the point of this project is to learn the new feature in Xd component states and use a couple of boards instead to create the interactions so if you happen to have a tip on how to achieve it, please shoot me a message.

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