Interactive News test 1.0

This is just a test to explore user interactivity in News media with an already published article( based on this CBC article.)

below there is basic wireframe navigation of how I assume readers get to their stories. I used hover triggers for the graphic containing a bubble chart and tap triggers to reveal the data information.

point of interest: the graphic inside the story

the standard size for our graphics on the web is 1920×1920 like the one above but from my pov it tends to be too much of a live area for the hover trigger.

Things to find out about:

  • Does the developer restricts the active area or does it have to be declared from the prototype?
  • best practices for this type of graphics

Things to remember:

  • lookup for mask group order in layers.
  • hover triggers are fun for the web but not very useful on mobile, especially if the information has to be delivered a certain point in the story and not wanting to lose the reader interest.
  • it will be interesting to create a design system for mobile and web interaction following CBC’s style guide (icons, buttons, triggers, etc)

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