Twenty-Twenty and a year recap

One more year has come to an end and one more post in this space for me to have a personal recap of how things went down in 2019.

Wrapping 2019 felt a bit awkward, and to be honest, a little bit relieving too. It was a tough year for my health and professional life and despite these, It ended up being a year full of challenges and creative learning and I could not be more happy about it, that happened, survived it and ended. Thank you 2019 for teaching me about patience and work with love.

  • There was a good amount of live music throughout the year and great dancing nights with my girls.
  • Job hunting got official and while I was working my ass off to land my dream job I put my hands on some personal projects.
  • Volunteering at Collision and FITC took a lot of the stress away from finding a job as a new graduate. Being part of the creative community fills me with pride and volunteering at all these events that I cannot afford helped me to keep the motivation up and to be up to date with this fast change industry plus I truly enjoy to give my time for a good cause.
  • Since a digital camera has not made it my way I started using film photography which I love but it can get a bit expensive, especially when you are still learning this format.
  • Summer was perfect! great weather, blessed with family and friends and lots of work!!! Yup! Summer brought me a job.
  • Hosted my first Dribbble meetup in Toronto, and attended a few others. I enjoyed learning and getting inspired by others.
  • Learned a whole lot of new tricks in After Effects, Illustrator and I became friends finally, learned how to make Instagram filters in Spark, retook my love-hate relationship with Javascript and experimented with new tools to create interactive maps.
  • Attended a few conferences that happened to have a similar theme: “Ethics and Product Design” (I need to give this a better thought)
  • This year brought me closer to the BEST people making me grateful to be surrounded by amazing and kind friends.

Things I look forward to this 2020:

  • Priority to my health, family, and friends.
  • Javascript, I still have an eye on you.
  • work, work, work
  • Challenge my self creatively

As usual, I super pump at the beginning of each year. This feeling of a clean slate, new agenda, and future to-do lists filled me with joy like you-have-no-idea. I’m an Aries after all. Happy 2020 y’all.

The image above is my 7yo handwriting note that he left on my desk at the end of 2019 and I’m taking it as the greatest sign for this new year because I just need to fucking do it! (pardon my french)