Rolleiflex camera

Medium format film is not dead, and I’m here to love it

When my DSLR got stolen, I felt like they took one of my arms with them. Leaving me with my iPhone and my collection of vintage film cameras that I wasn’t sure if they even work.

I decided to go back to basics and first tried out the Canon AV-1, after developing Ultrafine Film 400 I found out the camera has a few mechanical issues but overall it does the job, plus being honest I don’t have the greatest training in analog so this is something that I have to work on it as well.

Next camera I tested was the Rolleiflex, I went and bought the cheapest 120mm film, watch a couple of Youtube videos on how to load the film and pray for the best results. To my surprise this camera does work but it is completely new to me the way it works. I need to do more research on this camera and its function.

These are a few snaps from that film. Not bad for a first trial. I loved the texture and the square format! now, I went and bought a Fujicolor film, I’m excited about this one too.

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