Shape Layers in After Effects.

The past week I made a project for my class in Skillshare with Jake Bartlett “The Ultimate guide to shape layers in After Effects”. A quick gif inspired by a movie and since the movie, Roma by Alfonso Cuaron came out I’m kind of being obsessed with it and I thought this exercise was a good excuse to do something about with it and close the obsession chapter with something fun at least for me.

Part of my process was to watch the movie one more time, made a list of keywords and gathered some images for reference.

I really wanted to animate this scene in particular.

I’m not an Illustrator but since the assignment said minimalistic I thought I should give it a try and keep the scene as minimal as possible. This is only a rough sketch.

This rough sketch helped to have a better idea of the order of my shape layers once in After Effects.

Building a scene from shapes entirely in After Effects it can get messy pretty fast but as long you keep labeling your layers and groups it should not be that chaotic. I really liked that every element contained in a shape layer can be modified on its own or as a whole, and my favorite Shape modifier was definitely the repeater, the steps were done so easy with this tool.

My final result:

+++ Because I tried to keep the gif under 10 sec and after a break from the screen I realized everything is moving too fast but still happy with the reulsts of my minimal composition.

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