Feelings in motion

2D Motion graphics. ODAAT Vol.2 Personal Essay.

Volume 1 was about learning and practicing Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Volume 2 is about Adobe After effects coming to join the party with the other two to put some motion. These are only 12 super short and simple animations of 20 that I have assigned myself to practice and for the fun and love of it.

  • 1: the one about beginnings.
  • 2: The one about love.
  • 3: The one about David.
  • 4: The one about Andrew Bayer.
  • 5: The one about anxiety.
  • 6: The one about magic.
  • 7: The one about dreams.
  • 8: The one about balance.
  • 9: The one about keeping it simple.
  • 10: The one about frustration.
  • 11: The one about beauty.
  • 12: The one about Pride.

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