Album Art Cover

Inspired by Lake Stovall’s track Smoothie I wanted to create something feeling  Energetic, Smooth and Glowing like the vibe I got from it.

This is the story, inspired by soul music and smooth black skin, I wanted to make it feel like the sand is as smooth as the velvet where it hides under its layers many feelings coming out to electrify the soul.
Lake Stovall is a Virginia born, San Francisco based producer, singer, and songwriter who bridges the gap between acoustic and neo-soul genres with a soulful sound.
The objective was to create album artwork and collateral inspired by Lake Stovall’s latest music project to target new and existing users engaged in music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Style Guidelines: Full of energy, soulful and afro-influenced.Duo-tones, contrast.

colors: soft pinks, purples, deep blue, magenta.