ODAAT 20/20

Do not give up.

20 days after, 20 posters, during this time I was able to explore applications tools that I was not familiar with. I was able to accomplish what I had in mind but it did take quite the time to research how to do it. I’m hoping for my next project to be more time efficient and keep practicing some of the techniques I learned during this past 20 days.

I will totally recommend to get yourself in one of these daily challenges, your creative muscle gets super active, for me 20 days was a good start I don’t think I’m ready for those super long ones that I’ve seen online where some artist make a poster a day for a whole year, that’s quite the challenge.

so What’s next? I’ll give the posters a break for now and move on to one more area where my skills need to be improved, Motion Graphics, which my friend Keitha has agreed to join the motion graphics party for 20 days. We haven’t set the start day but can’t wait. It’s going to be fun.

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