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Adobe XD new skills

Playing with Adobe XD during my time off is fun and relaxing, following some of the challenges(templates) produced by Behance live, I’m always curious to learn other media applications even if I’m not following that path at the moment. Through these exercises, I learned about auto-animate and masking (super important when trying to create a Parallax effect) and voice triggers! I can see the importance of this tool when it comes to User Experience and Accessibility. Repeating grid and migrating images to the artboards -so easy and so handy, my fab thing. Designers time savers!

Adobe XD is truly killing it comparing to two years ago when I used it for the first time (beta version) for a school project. This application has grown big time since then, letting creatives like me to explore the possibilities. I haven’t use Sketch for a while, wondering what are they bringing to the table these days…

Minimalist e-commerce web experience. exercise: create animation with auto-animate for the cart management so the user is aware of the changes made in the cart.

Mobile prototype to use voice trigger. this tool is amazing.

Travel Agency to practice simple masking, timed transitions and auto-animate.

Added a Parallax effect to the Travel Agency site.

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