It took me a couple days to decide whether to hit the skip button for this year’s recap but it felt somewhat important for my future mental health to do it so when I feel melancholic about time going to fast I can have a quick peek to this post and realize that this past year did not suck as much as I thought but the opposite it was full of little details and lessons that made the year of 2018 special.

A list of things that happened during the year and to be thankful for:

  • Family and our cats
  • good music and thousands of steps on the dance floor
  • sad lyrics in a tempo of 125 to 150 BPM
  • warm hearts and hugs during the winter days.
  • a new personal record of Volunteering hours
  • great food with great friends
  • réunion a expiré
  • flights on time
  • red lip marks on wine glasses rims
  • hearing trials
  • new skills
  • Simon
  • lake views in the Summer
  • train rides to these lake views
  • Ferries to new memories
  • supporting mentors
  • ART in the city
  • others inspirational stories
  • fortnite dances in my living room
  • funny content on the Internet like chubby cats running
  • College is complete, I have a Diploma 🙂

Not too shabby 2018. Not sure what’s at the door for me this New year but I won’t complain if more health, good food and lots of dancing keep coming our way.