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It was about time to upgrade the layout of my Portfolio and give its own home. Even Though I always liked it to have it all together I started listening to what some other visitors of this page had commented about it and most of the feedback was the same: overall looks nice but it does not get to the point of what I want to showcase of my work. Which makes me remember of what I wrote in my about page (when I had one) that I tend to ramble. 

So insert drumroll …. hosted by Adobe portfolio feature is the new home for my work.

I was not sure what I was going to do with this website but after giving it a thought I came to realize that I have always wanted a Blog so maybe it is about time to write about other stuff over here and leave business over there after all the domain for this site is named “other Wendy Martinez” right? In the time Please go and have a look at and hope to see you back over here once in a while.


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