One minute film cover

One minute film

A Short film inspired by human ties, the bond between a father and a son and their secret games and stories
Duration: One minute.

Shots assigned: Establishing shot, two people shot, medium shot and panning.
Filmed with Panasonic AG-AC160 and edited with Avid Media Composer.
Music: “Promise” by Ben Howard.

Video has to be one of my favourite things in the world, it was very nice to put my hands in a camera again and learn the perks of Avid Media Composer (a pain in the neck but fun). For this Video project we had to record and edit a one minute -no more, no less- film and with the next requirements:

At least one shot indoors or outdoors, an establishing shot, a medium shot, a two-person shot and a panning. I made use of closest resources and ask my two actors at home to do what they do best; Play. I just wanted to show the Father and son ties. These two made things easier for me, This is a true story. Enjoy!

*Music: “Promise” by Ben Howard.

#Update March 22, 2018: I’m so cheesy!


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