Interactive News 1.1

Phase 1 Below there’s the first draft of an Interactive map prototype that could work for this story. Pros: reduces the size of the graphic in the story and creates an interaction with the user. Cons: Size is not optimized for mobile, it has unnecessary […]

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Interactive News test 1.0

This is just a test to explore user interactivity in News media with an already published article( based on this CBC article.) below there is basic wireframe navigation of how I assume readers get to their stories. I used hover triggers for the graphic containing […]

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Grand Bahama surge 2019

Mapping Vol.1

Have a look to some of the work I have done for the News Network Graphic Department at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) This type of work has inspired me to explore more Interactive mapping options. Click the links below each map to have a […]

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grumpy cat

+ Video explainers

Click play and watch a few video explainers about random things I needed answers to. I had a lot of fun researching and developing the content for each of them. Why Highway 401 in Toronto is known as Highway of Heroes? Who was Grumpy cat? […]

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Twenty-Twenty and a year recap

One more year has come to an end and one more post in this space for me to have a personal recap of how things went down in 2019. Wrapping 2019 felt a bit awkward, and to be honest, a little bit relieving too. It […]

Toronto Dribbble Meetup 1.0

Last week, we had a Dribbble meetup, it was my first time hosting one of this. Overall the night was fun sharing experiences and engaging with each other. Personally, seeing creatives from different fields finding common ground was the highlight of my day and as […]

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Occupational Therapy

It feels like the end, the trembling, the light-headedness, the panic.I know it all well too good by now. I tell myself it will pass, just feel it. Anxiety.

12/20 #Pride🌈

I’m loving to see the city of Toronto full of Pride and empathy. This is my contribution to the month of June celebrating and supporting diversity. All hearts and rainbows 🌈 Happy Pride Month!

Frederik Trovatten

Monday #currentmood

A few fun and inspiring links from the past week: Such an inspiring Talk by Ashley C. Ford during 99U Conference in New York. cute packaging design and branding by Pentagram and Snoop Dogg for POUNDS No surprises here, I am a dreamer. Take the […]

Album Art Cover

This is the story, inspired by soul music and smooth black skin, I wanted to make it feel like the sand is as smooth as the velvet where it hides under its layers many feelings coming out to electrify the soul.Lake Stovall is a Virginia […]


Shape Layers in After Effects.

The past week I made a project for my class in Skillshare with Jake Bartlett “The Ultimate guide to shape layers in After Effects”. A quick gif inspired by a movie and since the movie, Roma by Alfonso Cuaron came out I’m kind of being […]

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